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Welcome to Equine Assisted Somatic Intelligence (EASI) Programmes!

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Horses are amazing!

They really get you. They move you. They challenge you. They let you experience. They show you. They help you. They transform you.

This is actually not a bold claim!

As a therapist and coach working with people mainly in room-based practice, this is really what gives me goosebumps every time. When we get stuck in the room at times, the horses can bring things out to light that would take much longer in classic talking therapy. Just by their subtle sensitive nature, their unique ability to mirror and read us and give direct feedback - immediately. They don't have a stake in you. They don't want to control you. They don't manipulate you. They just are and are masters at being in the moment. They show you what is. Non-judgementally. This is an embodied and more creative process and therefore new insights and learning can be achieved and integrated much quicker. Changes and the impact we have on others can be "felt". That is what can be taken to the outside world immediately and with noticeable impact.

Time and time again I hear clients say "That is amazing! When the horse showed me x or y, it has really changed how I do things!"

For example, "Nadine" had trouble with assertiveness skills and boundaries in her team of work colleagues as well as managing her role to keep a whole class of super energetic children at bay. When she learned grounding and assertiveness skills, as well as personal boundaries skills with our horses, it transformed how she was able to manage her classroom! This also included communication with her team. They and the children listen to her and she no longer feels taken advantage of, and they have more fun together!

I'd love for you to experience the power of horses and see what we can do to help you become the best you can be :-) Drop me a line if you have any questions, or come along to one of our taster sessions to see what it is all about!

Equine therapy and learning has become an innovative approach for lasting change and can work well together with your existing room-based therapy, particularly when we reach places of stuckness. Equally in business relationships, romantic relationships, families, groups and corporate teams can benefit from this

As prey animals, horses can be very subtly attuned to their environment. They can mirror our emotions, even if still unconscious, with immediate feedback. This can be helpful in one-to-one, couples and group work. In groups added team dynamics can be challenged quicker to find solutions in an experiential and somatic way. Though research in this area is becoming more available, it is still a more recent modality, especially in the therapy as well as business development and corporate coaching sector. This innovative and creative approach with its experiential and somatic (bodily felt) underpinnings can be useful way to enable more effective and sustainable change.

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